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5 Ways To Incorporate Grilling Into Your Fall Cooking

Just because the leaves have started to turn doesn’t mean it’s time to pack up the grill and say goodbye. Sure it’s easy to get excited about using your oven again without making the whole house sweat, but your grill can take you all the way into winter. Check out these tasty ideas to keep that taste of the open flame a little longer!


1. Roasted Vegetables: Although we love to roast any vegetable we can get our hands on, popping them on the grill is an easy to eliminate most messy clean ups. You can halve a squash (of your choice) and give it a rub down with the olive oil, salt and pepper and pop it straight on the grill. The best part is, no heavy or awkwardly large roasting pan to clean up later! If you’d like to use a grilling tray you can or even make a boat out of foil to hold in a little more oil if you so desire.

2. Chutneys & Salsa: So you’re looking for a warmer more fall taste to your burger, right? Try grilling up the basics to chutneys and salsas before mixing and combining. That extra blast from the grill can make both sing and add a flavor to them that nothing else can!

3. Pie: Are you starting to get a hankering for apple pie yet? You don’t need a holiday to have one, so toss one together and slap it on the grill. Use a grill thermometer to ensure you keep the same temperature as your oven and sit back with a drink! Add a piece of sharp cheddar to the top before removing and it is quite possible, the pie will never make it back inside! Pies with crust do this most successfully though other pies with a high fat content (we’re looking at you cheesecake) also do great.

4. Fruits: Grilling the last of the summer and fall fruits before letting them melt a cold bowl of ice cream… are you hungry yet, because we’re pretty sure the small thought of that is enough to make us go crazy for the rest of the day until we can get home to make it! Take it one step further and toss the grilled fruits in a pan with butter and brown sugar, return the pan to the grill until all are coated and sugar is dissolved.

5. Pizza Party: The grill is an easy way to make pizzas for a crowd. You can toast your crusts up slightly before guests arrive and then throw on ingredients as people tell you what they like. In a hot, hot grill they only take a few minutes and they’re worlds easier to remove from the heat (unlike an oven). You can even roast up your toppings first!

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