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Mason Place has the largest selection of Hearth and Fireplace accessories in York Region. If you don’t see it in our store, we can help you select that perfect accessory from one of our many suppliers’ catalogs. Click on a link below to see some of our products.

BBQ’s and Grills

Ahhhh….the timeless art of cooking over an open fire….the aroma of expertly cooked foods wafting through your neighborhood. Mason Place can help you with the best in modern grilling, roasting and smoking….the best techniques, the best equipment, and expert advice and recipes! Mason Place offers the information and the products that will make every grilling experience special … brought to you by the greatest names in grilling.

Electric Heaters & Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces offer the look of a real fire that comes to life at the flick of a switch. Many are available with electric heaters above or below the fireplace opening for efficient space heating. Sleek and stylish wall hung, free standing or cabinet fireplaces; Mason Place has the perfect electric fireplace to add charm and functionality to any living space.

Gas Stoves & Fireplaces

Convenience is the primary attribute of gas hearth appliances – just push a button on the unit or on your remote control and the burner comes to life. Gas burns cleanly, and is a North American produced fuel. The realism of the fire has progressed dramatically over the last few years with log sets that actually look like burnt firewood with big dramatic fires. Or, you can chose from a selection of modern linear burners with glass or rock media.

Let Mason Place help you plan execute your gas fireplace or stove project.


Appliances that burn pellet fuels made from wood or other biomass wastes are becoming more popular in Canada. Pellet stoves offer a continuous, constant heating solution. Pellets are a renewable resource and the practice of burning wood is a carbon neutral exercise.

  • Pellet stoves have several advantages over appliances that burn natural firewood
  • Convenient, automatic operation
  • One hopper-load of fuel can last 24 hours
  • Fuel is supplied in bags which are compact and store neatly

Many pellet stoves can be vented out through a wall with special pellet venting without the need for a conventional chimney


ICC Chimney’s has been an industry leader in residential chimney systems since 1991. Whether you require wood burning chimney, pellet or direct vent gas venting; Mason Place and ICC chimneys has the products and expertise to ensure your stove or fireplace will be exhausted safely and efficiently.

All ICC chimneys’ come with a lifetime warranty.

Wood Fireplaces & Stoves

Environmental concerns and strict regulations have helped wood stoves really come into their own.  Certified stoves now burn with 72-88% efficiencies…… making wood fuel’s former reputation as a dirty fuel obsolete.  Wood has a much higher BTU capacity than gas, and wood is also a renewable resource.  Trees are being replanted at an unprecedented rate, which also helps improve air quality, as trees use carbon dioxide to produce more oxygen. Additionally, buying firewood keeps your energy dollars in the local economy.

Mason Place offers the best in wood burning brands with many wood stoves, fireplaces and inserts in our showroom. Installations are done by WETT certified and qualified technicians each with decades of experience in wood burning.

Have a look at Mason Place’s vast selection of wood burning appliances.

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